Monday, September 29, 2008

More Video Downloading, and File Distribution

If you've run into sites which don't work for some of the video download/capture methods I've posted, here's a new piece of software which might work - xVideoServiceThief. It's Open Source (which means it's free - you can use it freely, but can't take the software itself and sell it), works on PC, Linux, and Mac systems (!!), includes conversion capabilities and multiple downloads, will automatically update itself as new versions come out, and have I mentioned that it's free? The only caveat to mention is that this is alpha software, so it's still somewhat in the testing stage. However, it already does a lot of stuff really well, and should be marvelous by the time it's mature.

Also, a tip from Steve Mills via Mel Ming: YouSendIt is a site/service which allows you to send and receive large files, either one to one, one to many, or many to one. There's a free service, which allows files up to 100mb and caps both the total bandwidth used (1gb/month) and number of downloads per file (100), and numerous paid plans starting at about $10/month. The $10 plan allows much larger files (2gb), bandwidth (40gb), and downloads (500/file). For most of us I suspect the free plan will do nicely, and the $10/mth plan should take care of the rest.